Exeter United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 16, 2021

Easter Children's Story


                                                                Please share with a child near you!


It was the week before Easter.  All the animals in the barnyard raced to get a good seat to listen to Aaron the donkey tell the story of his relative of long ago who was chosen by Jesus.

Aaron began the story. "A long time ago my family lived in the city of Bethphage at the foot of the Mount of Olives.  One day two men came to the farm. They were disciples of Jesus. They untied Aaron, whom I am named after.  He was a very young donkey that no one had ever ridden before. The farmer came running and said, "Why are you doing this? Aaron is my donkey."

The disciples said, "The Lord needs him."  The farmer believed in God so he let Aaron go with them. 

The disciples walked Aaron back to Jesus who was waiting for him.  Jesus had kind eyes and gentle hands.  The disciples put their coats on Aaron's back and Jesus sat on him. Aaron was amazed and honored that the Lord chose him to ride on. He was nervous and tried not to tremble.

At first Aaron did not know where they were going.  But soon he realized they were going into the great city of Jerusalem.  Both sides of the road were filling up with people when they heard Jesus was coming. They were shouting Hosanna and waving palm branches to the King of Kings.  Some people spread their coats on the road for Aaron to walk on.  He felt like a stallion with his head held high. He was carrying the son of God. He walked so carefully to give Jesus a comfortable ride and prayed to God that he would not trip on the coats.

          As they entered Jerusalem people shouted and sang Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord."

Aaron finished the story with his ancestor Aaron going back home to the farm with praises to God and songs of thankfulness. All the animals cheered and then bowed their knees in prayer, grateful to God that He loves and uses the ones that the world ignores.